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CSI*/*** Herning

What a fantastic week:

At the 5-star showgrounds in Herning/DK we had a fantastic show.

Konstantin had the following horses with him:

Chandler by Casall bronce tour: 4th in 1st qualifier, only time faults in the final

AK´s Culcha Candela by Cartani silver tour: 7th in the 1st qualifier,13th in the 2nd qualifier and a super round in her very first Grand Prix

AK´s Crowney by Cartani silver tour: winning the 1st GP-Qualifier, clear in the 2nd GP-qualifier.

Stine had the following horses to start:

Selma B winning the 1st qualifier of bronce tour, super ,super fast in the final with unfortunatly one down.

Contini placed in 1st GP-qualifier, clear in 2nd GP-qualifier

Lærke Olesen had super rounds with Zarina by Cartani and Bombay by Casall

Line Nørager Kristensen placed in 1st GP-qualifier and 2nd in the CSI* Grand Prix

So happy that all horses jumped good and all riders getting better and better.

Next stop will be the CSI in Neumünster.

AK´s Cavalina *2012 CSIYH Sommersted 2017

AK´s Cavalina by Cachas - Chello I breeder Hans Karsten Ingwersen / Haselund at her first CSIYH with 3 ! clear rounds on difficult track.

CSI** Absolute Horses Sommersted week 2 6.-9.9.2017

We all had super second week again at Absolute Horses in Sommersted.

Konstantin changed Chandler with AK´s Cavalina so she had her debut at the CSIYH for 5 years. And what a debut she got : 3 clear rounds on very difficult courses and on extremly wet surface!

AK´s Culcha Candela and AK´s Crowney had very nice rounds and learned a lot.

Stine had super rounds with Smilla, Selma and Contini placed several times in top3 ! Unfortunatly she had an accident on the warm-up saturday and got hurt - so no LR Grand Prix to her. 

Now we all have som weeks off - to prepare for indoor season. How to find out that its summer in Denmark ? The rain is warmer ;) 

Check the kalender to find out if there is a clinic or training which could be interesting for You. We will give You a warm welcome at Künnemann Coaching & Consulting.

CSI** Sommersted Absolute Tour week 1 31.8-3.9.2017

AK´s Culcha Candela

What a week ! At the fantastic place of Absolute Horses in Sommersted we participate at the CSI**.

Homebred AK´s Culcha Candela by Cartani - Butler *2010 won with Konstantin the 1,35m silver final with over 1 sec to no 2 ! When You had a horse from its very first moment and did everything yourself - its always something special....

Our students and business partners had a lot of succes :

Alexandra Rambadt won the 1,20m qualifier and had several placings.

Stine Almind Pedersen had several top placings.

Konstantin several placings with Chandler .

Other students had good rounds and several placings.

The 1,20m final was something special with our riders at no 2 Stine, no 3 Alexandra and no 4 Konstantin....we had alot of fun ;) !

Now we look forward to week no 2 at the perfect facilities and hopefully with a lot of sun again..

Their was high tension under CSI ** GP LR !

CSI*/** Herlufmagle 2.-6.8.2017

What a weekend ! Lots of rain made some changes in the schedule..... All horses made fantastic jobs: Konstantin had super rounds with AK´s Culcha Candela and Chandler. Stine had some top rounds and top 3 placings with Selma B, AK´s Quinnie and Smilla.

Our students had all several good rounds on high level.

But the CSI** Grand Prix Longine Ranking Class was unbelievable:

Only 7 ! clear rounds Konstantin and AK´s Crowney 8th with 1 time fault and Stine with Contini 10th with 2 time faults !

Both horses done by the riders from foals (with help on their way 🙂)

Both earning WR points in their first WR-Grand Prix - we all are extremly happy !👍

CSI Nordic Baltic Championship Hammarö/SWE 30.6.-2.7.17

The Nordic Baltic Championship in Hammarö/SWE was , from our ankle, like a rollercoaster.

After 2 unbelievable clear rounds, where only the tie wasnt under control, Konstantin and his friend AK´s Crowney came as 4th best to the GP final on sunday.

A dream round where even the difficult diagonal with triple kombination (triplebar-one open strike vertikal-two short strikes vertikal) followed by 5 short strikes to a huge white oxer, looked like a gymnastik-line, horse and rider misunderstood each other , Crowney strugled and Kons fall of..... Fuc.....(: 

Anyway a very good week with super team mates , complete family and a horse You only can love and fantastic support of national coach Bo K Møller.

Now looking forward to Beervelde CSI** first weekend in august with 3 horses, Stine Almind and Lærke Olesen.

CSIO/YR Wierden 8./9.6.17

Konstantin and AK´s Crowney had a very good nations-cup at the CSIO Wierden/NL with only 4 faults at the very last fence. This shows will give both of them experience for the next season and more routine at the GP level. Thanks to Bo K Møller and Sofie Bucka´s family to take care about Kons while I was giving a clinic in DK.

Update Opglabbeek/BEL 3./4.6.17 & Kronenberg/NL14./25.6.17

Stine and I had 2 very good international shows at Sentower Park /BEL and De Peelbergen/NL where she had a fantastic sunday last weekend in Kronenberg with a 11th place in the CSI* Grand Prix with Contini and a 3rd with Selma B and a 12th place with Smilla in the small tour final. Now we prepair to go with Konstantin and AK´s Crowney to the Nordic Baltic Championships in Hammarö/SWE . Than I think we need 2-3 days holidays. We wish You all a great summer 🙂!

Danish Championships 19.-21.5. 2017

Absolute Horses hosted the 2017 Dansih Championships. A wonderful place with friendly people , super service and ,this time, very good weather.

AK´s Crowney and Konstantin had a very good start in the championships but some misunderstandings in the final rounds made them ending as no 15 this year.

AK´s Browney by Butler-Cassini I had 4 absolute dream rounds with 3 x clear and 1 down at last fence in the jump off. He showed so much capability and a super mind for our sport.

Next show for me and Stine Almind and 5 horses will be the CSI */** in Opglabbeck/BEL 2.-7.6.2017

CSIO/Y Opglabbeck/BEL 10.-14.5.2017

Konstantin and AK´s Crowney and Heinsgårdens Cosmea competed at the CSIO at Sentower Park in Belgium. A fantastic place with TOP facilities. In the warm-up they only had 1 time fault. In the nations-cup their was high pressure on allriders because the first to go fall off and was disqualified. With a lot of team spirit all gave what the could. In a tough GP Kons and Crowney only had 2 down and got a lot of expirience. Cosmea had a super 1,30m class where she was clear in the main round, unfortunatly she was sold out in the jump-off because of the warm weather. Big thanks to team leader Bo K Møller and specially to Stine Almind to travel with Kons all the way to Belgium and being a wonderful support. Next stop will be tha Danish Championships at Absolute Horses/Sommersted.

Riders Cup national show 27.-30.4.17

Konstantin had a good weekend with Heinsgårdens Cosmea (6th in 1,20m) , AK´s Culcha Candela (4 faults in very first 1,40m) and AK´s Crowney (4 faults in 1,45m GP). His next target is CSIO Opglabeek to compete in the speed classes with Heinsgårdens Cosmea and in the Nations-Cup and GP with AK´s Crowney. GOOD LUCK!

Stine had also a faboulus weekend with AK´s Quinney (4 clear rounds from 0,80-1,15m) Contini (super rounds in 1,35-1,40m) and our premium girl Smilla B (6th and 1st in 1,30m)! She will follow Konstantin to Belgium to support him- big hug for that!


Bækgården CSN 21.-23.4.17

Konstantin competed with the following horses at the perfect showgrounds of Bækgården this weekend:

AK´s Culcha Candela, AK´s Browney and Heinsgårdens Cosmea. Several ribbons and super clear trainings rounds are registrated. With AK´s Clowney he had a very good traings weekend with danish national coach Bo K Møller. Next weekend he will compete at Riders Cup.


At the local show in Rønne my students won more than 50% of all classes (18 out of 32!) Congratulations to all of you! I´m very proud!

National show at Absolute Horses

Konstantin had a super show at Absolute Horses this weekend.

Heinsgård Cosmea had the show of her life: 3 starts 2 x 2nd. 1 x 6th

AK´s Culcha Candela, AK´s Crowney and AK´s Browney had very good training rounds with several ribbons. Carrick got an infection on day 2 and get some hollidays now.

Next weekend he will compete at Bækgården and participate at team training sesson with Bo K. Møller on saturday.

CSI*/** Kronenberg/NL Easter Tour

Big succes for Stine Almind Pedersen:

1x1. 3x3. 3x in the ribbons Congratulations! Now we are ready for the outdoor season!👍